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Solar Lights

Getting started…
Find a sunny location
Push the bottom stake in the ground *see image below
Push the on or Auto/off switch to the “on/auto”
    position on the bottom side of the solar light part
Insert the top stake in the bottom stake being careful
    not to put pressure on the solar light part or the light on top
Put the acrylic piece on the light part
You may need to push and twist to get snug fit

Charge in Full Sun For a Full day Prior to use
*There may or may not be a partial charge
*Switch must be in the on/auto position to charge

Choosing the right location
An outdoor location with direct sunshine each day is the ideal location for the solar light

Replacing Batteries
If the light stops working after it has been used for a while, the battery may be beyond it’s lifespan. You may open the cover to change the battery to a new rechargeable one.

Clean the acrylic piece using a damp micro fiber cloth
Avoid cleaners containing ammonia or alcohol or abrasives.


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